Gender Sensitisation

Does our gender determine the kind of work we can do?

Why don’t boys like to wear pink?

What is the difference with equity and equality?

These are few of the questions we address during our workshops on gender sensitization.  We believe the gender differential mindset in our society can be changed; through activities, video lessons, role plays and games, we sensitize the adolescents in our sessions to lead this change.

Our sessions are divided in three parts

Kahi Suni

In the introductory session, we discuss the unconscious biases that are prevalent in the society and how they inform our outlook


The concept behind Choupal is to facilitate open discussions amongst the youth on such issues related to gender equality and the need for equity in our society.

Badhao Kadam

In our final segment, we discuss how the youth can bring about a change through actions and advocacy in our homes and communities.

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