Menstrual Hygiene

In India, a country with 355 million menstruating women, only 13% of the girls are aware about menstruation before menarche and 20% of the girls drop out of schools post menarche due to dismal facilities.

We at WeRise believe that menstruation continues to be the biggest roadblock for almost half the world’s population and therefore we direct our efforts towards educating young women about menstrual health and hygiene. We aspire to see a world where young girls and women are empowered without any baggage of menstruation holding them back. Our community engagement strategy

माहवारी होता क्या है?

In the introductory session, we aim to enhance awareness on the female
reproductive system and attempt to increase acceptance towards menstruation as a process.

नुक्कड़ नाटक

Through role plays we bring out the common taboos and myths associated with menstruation and empower women to challenge these taboos with

scientific facts.

ज्ञान की बात

Our final session is led by partner gynecologists and is moderated by a panel of team members. We aim to educate community members on best practices for maintaining menstrual health and hygiene. We also invite young mothers and girls to put forward their doubts and inhibitions regarding menstruation.

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